Come & Try

Come & Try sessions can be organised from Easter to October half-term, (subject to availability)

£28 per child £36 per adult for one session

Must be booked at least a week in advance and the course is subject to cancellation if no-one has booked, or if all Instructors are committed to other courses.

Designed for both young people and adults as an introduction to sailing on the Broads. No experience necessary, all equipment provided. Family sessions can be arranged. Ring 01692 536 411.

“Come and Try Sailing” sessions are usually held in our larger Wayfarer dinghies, with one Instructor and up to four pupils in the boat. Each pupil gets a chance to steer, each pupil gets to handle the smaller “jib” sail, and each one (time permitting) gets to handle the main sail as well while they are steering. At all time the Instructor is there beside you to make sure it’s safe and enjoyable. He/she will be supported by a safety boat staffed by a trained and experienced crew. The idea is to maximise the fun and minimise the boring bits!

At the end of a morning’s tuition, you will have been out in a sailing dinghy with an experienced Instructor; you will have done some steering; you will have been introduced to the basics of sail trimming; and will have some idea as to whether sailing dinghies is for you, and whether you want to enrol on one of our courses (Stage 1 if you are under 18, Level 1 if an adult).

To book a session, ring the Centre (01692 536411) and tell them which date(s) you would prefer. Course capacity is limited, but if we cannot fit you in on the date you want, we can arrange another day. If necessary we will arrange a session especially for you, but there is a minimum charge of £80 for this.

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