Online VHF Courses

The RYA and BTAC have introduced this online version of the Marine Radio Short Range (VHF) Certificate Course, as an alternative to the classroom based lessons.

You will still have to do a practical assessment, but it does mean that you can do the course in your own time, possibly spread over several days. The course is split into several modules, each of which ends with a “Knowledge Check” which you have to pass before the module is marked as completed. After completing the final Knowledge Check, you will be awarded a Course Completion certificate which you can download. You should then be ready for the practical assessment.

Unfortunately, the course material will not run on all computers, nor on smartphones, so you need to check beforehand that it will run on your equipment. Browse to, check the minimum technical requirements (at the BOTTOM of the page), and download the appropriate version of the taster course and check that it will run.

Assuming that that works OK, you then need to come back to us and register for the course BY EMAIL to

We will need the following information in advance to be able to register you for this online course:
a) Your name and email address
b) Your postal address (so we can send you the course handbook);
c) The course fee of £59.99 which you can pay by PayPal (using your bank card if you don’t have a PayPal account) or by telephoning us and we will take a card payment over the ‘phone.
To pay by PayPal – click here>

To pay over the ‘phone, ring 01692 536411.

Note that to enable access to your online course we need to share your personal data with the RYA via your user profile in This learning management website is hosted and maintained by a third party called Learning Pool, who will not use your personal information for any reason other than enabling your course. By buying this course you are deemed to have agreed to this data sharing.

It will take a little while for the registration to take effect as we have to get a username and password from the RYA, but once we have it we will email you, and you will be able to log in to and start the training.  You don’t have to do it all in one session, you can log out and log in again later and the course will pick up from where you left off.

If you run into problems or find something you don’t really understand there is a link on the course page that allows you to contact us. We can’t provide a 24hr a day, 7 days a week response, but someone should get back to you within a working day (quite often we look at these things in the evening).

Any further questions? please contact us through the link below.


Once you’ve completed the course you will need to pass a formal Assessment, then you can get your licence.

Although we arrange the Assessment, it’s carried out by the RYA, and there is a separate fee (which also covers the issue of a licence) payable to them. From Jan 2023 this is £70, and the licence lasts for life.

Details of the Assessment are here. Note we can also arrange Assessments for people who have done the course with other Centres.

Technical requirements
See the Help section in the top navigation bar of for details of technical requirements specifically for this course. Please make sure check the compatibility of your own device and software before buying the course.
Course materials
Each learner will be issued with the SRC course pack or e-pack (order code SRCP or e-SRCP) when they sign up for their course. This contains the RYA VHF Handbook and an exam application form.
Only original exam application forms contained within the course pack may be used, not photocopies.
If we know that a learner will be visiting our centre for the final exam, we will keep their application form and only send the handbook to you. In this way we avoid the problem of exam candidates forgetting to bring their forms to the exam!
Instructor support
The centre’s nominated Instructor for online courses will be available to respond to requests for help within eight working hours.
Each day we will receive a summary of activities that our learners have completed along with scores, which will allow us to see when they have completed the pre-exam knowledge check, help us spot if anyone is struggling and allow us to get in touch to offer help. The learner can also ask for help by emailing us via the ‘Contact your instructor’ link in the course. How we give instructional support may be by phone, email, skype etc or we may arrange for the learner to come to the centre for some face-to-face tuition.
If you need help during the training module, the Instructor can check how far through the module you are in order to give appropriate advice.
Making bookings
The centre providing the training course can also facilitate the final exam, and normally when you purchase a course from us we will agree where, and when the final exam will be.
A taster course is available on (for PC, Mac and iPad users) or via the App Store (Mac and iPad users only). This gives the potential learners the chance to see a few screens of the course, use the interactive radio and check that the course will run on their device. All potential learners are strongly advised to download this taster on the device they will use for the course, before buying the full course. If the taster works on your device, the full course will work too.
Course overview
The course comprises a training module and a pre-exam knowledge check. Both these must precede the final face-to-face exam.
The training module
The training module is delivered via an app installed on the learner’s device. It is split into seven sections plus an optional practice section which becomes available when they have completed the rest of the module.
Once installed and logged in, the training module can be completed offline but the learner must go back online when they’ve finished so their progress can be synced to RYA Interactive and allow them to continue to the Pre-exam Knowledge Check.
One learner can download the training module onto multiple supported devices. On each device they will need to log in using their RYA Interactive user name and password. Provided they go online, their progress on the various devices will be synced to RYA Interactive.
Multiple learners can complete the training module on one device provided each one is an enrolled learner for the course on RYA Interactive. It will be necessary for one learner to logout of the modules before the other can log in to ensure that progress is attributed to the right person. If multiple learners are working on one device they should be advised to remain online for the duration of their course to ensure correct syncing with RYA Interactive.
There are a number of questions and quizzes to check understanding along the way. The responses to these are not recorded, do not contribute to the final assessment, and Assessors will not be able to see the answers given.
The pre-exam knowledge check
The Pre-exam Knowledge Check will be unlocked when a learner completes the training module. They are allowed three attempts and there is no time limit. The pass mark is 60%, but learners scoring less than 80% are advised to spend more time on the course and have another go at the knowledge check before their final exam.
If you need more than three attempts, your Instructor should review your knowledge check before offering help on any areas they are struggling with. When the Instructor is satisfied that the learner is ready to try the knowledge check again, they can request a further three attempts. Please allow up to two working days for the knowledge check to be reset for the further attempts.
The certificate will be unlocked when the student scores 60% or more in their knowledge check. Learners must download and print the certificate and take it to their final exam.
Final exam
All learners are required to sit the final exam at a training centre. They must take their course completion certificate and exam application form to the exam.
If you have completed their online course with a different centre, we will need to see your online course completion certificate prior to the exam. If we need to verify your certificate you should allow two working days for this.

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