Sailing Courses for Young People

The RYA Youth Sailors Scheme (for ages 8–16) is designed to provide an introduction to sailing in easy stages.
Beginner (Stages 1 and 2) covers basic skills required to sail a boat.
Improver (Stages 3 and 4) develops the skills and confidence of the individual and prepares them for the advanced skill modules.

We offer both 2-day and 5-weekday long courses (All non-residential).  One 2-day course will advance you one Stage, a 5-day course covers either Stages 1 & 2 or Stages 3 & 4.

We will take up to eight pupils on each course, but normally regard a course as “full” when six people have booked. Each course is run by a fully RYA-qualified Instructor, with a safety boat in attendance.

Depending on the numbers, age, size, competence and confidence of the pupils, the course will use any or all of:

a) our Oppie dinghies (a small singlehander dinghy especially designed for teaching children – great fun to sail – even for adults!)

b) Toppers – probably the best beginner singlehander dinghy for the larger child

c) Coypus – safe stable and reliable two- or three-child training boats with a jib (and an optional spinnaker)

d) Wayfarers – large dinghies that can take up to four children with an Instructor on board as well.

Dates – see this year’s Programme

All courses are arranged in response to demand and appear on the programme only when they have been arranged.
If there is not a course on the programme on the days you would like, it’s always worth ringing to see if we can arrange one.

Prices (2021 onward)

Youth 2-day, non-residential, courses
9.00 am till 5.30 pm for two days

Stage 1:
£121 per child per course

Stage 2:
£122 per child per course

Stage 3:
£123 per child per course

Stage 4:
£164 per child per course

Youth 5-day (non residential) courses
9.00 am till 5.30 pm for five weekdays

Beginner – Stages 1 & 2 combined (includes the intervening day where applicable)
£253 per child per course

Improver – Stages 3 & 4 combined (includes the intervening day where applicable)
£257 per child per course

Note it is advisable to gain some additional practice before moving from Stage 2 to the higher Stages.
This can be done through our supervised practice sessions (q.v.) if desired.

For teenagers who already hold Stage3-Stage 4, the next step is to do the (Adult) Better Sailing Level 3 course, and then move on to the Advanced courses (which are not scheduled in advance but arranged in response to demand)

To book any session, ring the Centre (01692 536411) and tell them which dates you would prefer.
Course capacity is limited, but if we cannot fit you in on the date you want, we can arrange another day.
Where we don’t have anybody booked on a course we can change the nature of a course e.g. from Stage1-Stage 2 to a Stage3-Stage4.
If necessary we will arrange sessions especially for you, but there is a minimum charge of £80 a half-day for this.
A booking form can be downloaded from

Barton Turf Adventure Centre is an RYA Recognised Training Centre operating from Barton Turf, Norfolk and teaching practical courses on Barton Broad and contiguous waters. Qualifications gained are based on assessed competence, not merely attendance. Practical sailing course are taught on the basis of one Instructor per 9 students maximum (in accordance with RYA standards) although 1:6 is more normal. If you have a logbook to record you achievements and experience, please bring it to the course; if not, one will be provided as part of the course. Other training materials may be available at extra cost.

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