Private (1 to 1) Tuition

Should you wish, BTAC can provide private coaching for individuals or groups of two or three. This can be aimed at a specific RYA qualification, or merely be a way of improving your abilities and knowledge before proceeding to a higher course.

We can do this for both sailing and powerboat skills.

Costs are:

  • Sailing: Children: £80 a half-day per head.
  • Adults: £100 a half-day per head.
  • Powerboat: Please ask for a tailored quotation.

Half-day sessions are normally of three hours duration or a bit more.

We will also arrange private courses for families and other small groups at times that are mutually convenient. If there are more than two in a group this may be the most economic option. Note: private course are run in sessions of not less than a half-day in length, but sessions do not have to be contiguous; i.e. if you want to spread a course over several afternoons, say, that can be done.

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