Onshore courses

Dates for these courses are arranged in response to demand, and are often published on our Facebook page, as well as on the Course Calendar. Further information may be available by clicking on any links below.

RYA Small Craft First Aid

A one-day course in the basic techniques for dinghy sailors etc.     Cost £99

We also offer a range of other First Aid qualifications through
Good Skills Training Ltd. For details please contact us.

RYA Safe and Fun Safeguarding

This course is suitable for anyone working with children and vulnerable adults in an RYA environment. This includes those volunteering or working at recognised training centres and affiliated clubs.

It provides a basic level of knowledge and awareness, put in the context of realistic scenarios that anyone could encounter at their club or centre.

It is a requirement for all newly qualifying Level 2 Racing Coaches, Dinghy and Windsurfing Instructors and Senior Instructors to complete prior to their instructor/coach training course. They must also complete a pre-course worksheet which is accessed within the Safe & Fun course, and take that with them to the instructor course.

This course is fully online and costs £16

RYA Marine VHF Radio (Short Range Certificate)

The Short Range Certificate is the minimum qualification required by law to control the operation of VHF and VHF Digital Selective Calling (DSC)  equipment on any British flagged vessel voluntarily fitted with a radio. This includes both fixed and hand held equipment using International channels.

A radio is an important piece of safety equipment on board and it is vital to understand the correct procedures. Unnecessary transmissions could block out a Mayday distress call.

Course topics include:

  • the basics of radio operation
  • the correct frequencies (channels) to be used
  • distress, emergency and medical assistance procedures
  • making ship to shore communication
  • Digital Selective Calling (DSC) using simulators
  • Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)
  • Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRB)
  • Search and Rescue (SART)

The SRC course can be taken in the classroom or online with BTAC.

Classroom (one-day) course            Cost £99.99

Online Course                                     Cost £59.99         For more details see here

The Assessment will be on a different day/evening from the course; and there will be, in addition, an assessment fee of £60 levied by the RYA. NB To take the assessment, you must be over 16 years old

The course will be taught and examined using radio simulators. The assessment will also include a short written test.

RYA Essential Navigation & Seamanship

Coming in the autumn. Please enquire for dates etc

Classroom (evening) course. Cost: TBA

It is best to enquire about shore-based training by email or phone (01692 536411), but, when you need it, the shorebased course booking form is here.

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