Advanced Sailing Courses

The RYA National Sailing Scheme for adults (16 years+)
has been developed to enable participants to get the most from the sport.
Level 1, Start Sailing, introduces you to sailing and teaches you all you need to know to get afloat under supervision.
Level 2, Basic Skills, builds on this basis and introduces the essential elements of good sailing.

Level 3 (Better Sailing) and the Advanced Course modules (Seamanship Skills, Day Sailing, Sailing with Spinnakers & Start Racing)
take you further and turn you into a fully-fledged dinghy sailor.

Younger sailors (teenagers) with the appropriate skills (Stage 3 or 4 plus some experience) can also take these courses.

Note: the Advanced course modules can be taken in any order.

  Better Sailing
(Level 3)

Consolidating skills and trying new ones
Seamanship Skills
How to handle a boat in all circumstances and solve problems afloat
Day Sailing
Passage planning and decision making for small boat cruising
Sailing with Spinnakers
Everything you need to know about sailing with conventional or asymmetric spinnakers
Start Racing
The fundamentals of getting off the start line and round the course
Assumed knowledge Sailing skills to the standard of the Level 2 course Sailing skills to at least the standard of the Level 2 course (pref. Level 3) Skills and background knowledge to at least the standard of the Level 2 course (pref. Level 3) Sailing and background knowledge to the standard of the Level 2 course Sailing and knowledge to at least the standard of the Level 2 course (Stage 3 for under 16s)
Minimum duration 2 days 2 days 2 days 2 days 2 days
Course content Coaching of level 1 and 2 skills and taster sessions from the advanced modules Launching and recovering the boat in different circumstances, stopping, reducing sail, recovering a man overboard, anchoring Preparing and planning for a day cruise, pilotage and decision making including adverse conditions How to rig the boat, gybe and recover one type of spinnaker, either conventional or asymmetric. How to sail the best possible course downwind. All the skills required to start club racing, including how to maximise boat speed and outwit your opponents
Ability after course More confident in sailing skills and techniques, and ready to progress onto the advanced modules Able to handle a wide range of situations afloat Able to plan and execute a cruise, depending on conditions Able to use one type of spinnaker, conventional or asymmetric Able to take part in club racing in good conditions
Cost £178.00 £181.00 £182.00 £183.00 £184.00

Level 3 and the Advanced course modules are arranged only in response to demand. Ring the Centre for possible dates.
Note that you need at least a full-season’s sailing experience after reaching Level 2/Stage 4 competence before proceeding to Level 3 although it is possible to defer the assessment (making a 3-day course – extra charge of £90) so you have time to practice the techniques taught.

We will take up to six pupils on each course, but normally require a minimum of three people for a course to run.
Each course is run by a fully RYA-qualified Instructor, with a safety boat in attendance.

Depending on the numbers, age, size, competence and confidence of the pupils, the courses will use any or all of:

a) Topaz dinghies (a singlehander dinghy especially suited for teaching)

b) Wayfarers – large dinghies that can take up to two adults with an Instructor on board as well,
or three adults with the Instructor coaching from a powerboat.

c) Laser II – a high performance dinghy that has an optional trapeze for the crew

To book any session, ring the Centre (01692 536411) and tell them which dates you would prefer.
Course capacity is limited, but if we cannot fit you in on the date you want, we can arrange another day.
If necessary we will arrange tuition sessions especially for you, but there is a minimum charge for this.
(Two-day sessions will be charged at the above rates provided minimum numbers are met)
A booking form can be downloaded from

Barton Turf Adventure Centre is an RYA Recognised Training Centre operating from Barton Turf, Norfolk and teaching practical courses on Barton Broad and contiguous waters. Qualifications gained are based on assessed competence, not merely attendance. Practical sailing course are taught on the basis of one Instructor per 9 students maximum (in accordance with RYA standards) although 1:6 is more normal. If you have a logbook to record you achievements and experience, please bring it to the course; if not, one will be provided as part of the course. Other training materials may be available at extra cost.

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